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Transforming the Small Business Lending Client Experience

Feb. 7, 2019

By: Amanda Sodano, SBA Operations Manager

It’s simple, really. When small business owners contact us, their main focus and interest is either starting or expanding their business. Preferably, with a small business lending partner that can help them navigate the SBA lending process and support them through everything from gathering and submitting documents to being present at the loan closing. And that’s where we come in.

At The Bank of Tampa, we pride ourselves on our unparalleled approach to all things banking—and that includes SBA lending. Our team is specifically focused on small businesses—it’s what we do day in and day out. Our approach to SBA lending is what makes us different. Below are some of the key areas that differentiate us when it comes to the client experience we offer.

We’re not just knowledgeable about the process—we are experts. Our team includes subject matter experts with a combined 35 years of experience in SBA lending—all of which has occurred in the Greater Tampa Bay area. We’ll help you along the way, and have the resources and connections to help assist with the process. We are as detailed as possible and provide meticulous step-by-step instructions that walk your through every step of the SBA lending process.

We serve as a trusted advisor and partner. Our team members are not transactional. We are here to hold your hand and make the process as stress free as possible. After all, we know you’re trying to run a business! We will come to you and meet with you in person, or work directly with CPAs, attorneys and insurance providers—really, anything you need to help get the job done. 

We respond quickly. Our team is always connected and available (we work via email and phone) to support you through the process. During office hours, you are always able to reach an individual at The Bank of Tampa. Our phones do not roll over to voicemail. In addition to quick communications and response times, we get the job done as quickly as possible. Provided unforeseen circumstances, we average 60-day turnaround times for most SBA loans.

The Bank of Tampa is your long-term partner. Once we’re through the SBA lending process, you will continue to have a trusted advisor and partner at The Bank of Tampa. In addition to having our team available to answer any SBA-related questions, you will be connected with a personal banker at The Bank of Tampa, who will assist in any long-term banking needs.

The Bank of Tampa offers SBA 7(a) loans up to $5 million. The funds can be used to fund start-up costs, make a business acquisition, purchase equipment and land, make repairs, refinance debt and more.

If you’re interested in learning more about SBA lending and what we can do for you please feel free to reach out to me directly at

We are committed to working with small businesses in Tampa Bay. Partially guaranteed by the Small Business Administration, SBA loans provide an alternative when conventional financing does not fit the needs of a small business. Our SBA loan specialists’ help you select and apply for the right loan to fit your needs. We offer extended terms and low equity requirements to improve cash flow and business efficiency.

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