Bank of Tampa Internal Page - safety-and-soundness

Safety & Soundness

For more than 35 years, The Bank of Tampa has served owner-managed and middle market businesses and professionals in our community, helping them to grow in good times and to weather the inevitable downturns. Our consistent focus on our niche and our conservative, long-term approach has allowed us to avoid the issues facing some financial institutions.

The Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) does not permit a bank to release the “safety and soundness” rating assigned to the bank as a result of periodic regulatory examinations. Therefore, there are a number of independent bank rating services who seek to evaluate the safety and soundness of a bank, based primarily on financial information that is publicly available. While not endorsing or recommending any of these independent rating services, the FDIC provides links to these services on their website at A summary of the ratings assigned to The Bank of Tampa by two of these independent rating services are as follows:

  • Bauer Financial has assigned The Bank of Tampa a rating of "Superior." The rating information is available at no charge at

  • IDC Financial Publishing has assigned The Bank of Tampa a rating of "Superior." A fee is required to obtain rating information, but can be found at

Collectively, these independent ratings attest to the safety and soundness of The Bank of Tampa.