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Estate & Trust Settlement

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The settlement of an estate or trust may take a year or longer and can be a difficult process for many families. Our trust department is here to make the process as streamlined and efficient as possible for your loved ones.  We generally serve as sole fiduciary but are also able to serve with your designated individual representative as a co-fiduciary.

Our Services

  • Collection and safekeeping of assets and obtaining appraisals

  • Liquidating assets when cash flow is needed

  • Notifying and dealing with all creditors and payment of valid claims

  • Filing all estate, inheritance and income tax returns

  • Professional Asset Management

  • Filing all pleadings and petitions as required by law

  • Handling the sale of real estate

  • Making decisions consistent with your documented instructions

  • Sensitive to the needs of the family and beneficiaries

  • Impartiality to beneficiaries in decision making

Many times we are appointed to handle the settlement of a client’s estate or trust to alleviate the need for a family member or close friend to handle the burden and stress of dealing with the complexities of settlement.  During a time of emotional challenge, it is comforting to know that the day-to-day decision making and administration will be efficiently handled by a team of fiduciary experts without having to encumber a family member with these potentially litigious tasks. 


We do not practice law, draft legal documents or provide legal advice. Acting as an unbiased third party, we will interpret legal documents and apply relevant Trust law to follow your intent and properly and efficiently execute your trust and estate plan.

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