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Trust Services

Our experienced team has been delivering highly-personalized, concierge-level attention to our clients’ needs and challenges for more than 15 years. Our locally based Trust Officers fill a void left by large and impersonal institutions that administer trusts from afar and require substantial minimum account balances.

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Trust, Estate & Guardianship Services

Our Trust Department has been built on developing personal relationships to understand our clients’ financial goals and objectives.

Investment Management & Escrow Services

We work closely with you, as a member of your advisory team, to achieve comprehensive wealth management and transition.

Agency Services

We offer agency services that enable your piece of mind.

Estate Planning Basics & FAQs

Our experience offers a unique perspective.


We do not practice law, draft legal documents or provide legal advice.  Acting as an unbiased third party, we will interpret legal documents and apply relevant Trust law to follow your intent and properly and efficiently execute your trust and estate plans.

Not FDIC Insured Not Bank Guaranteed May Lose Value
Not a Bank Deposit Not Insured by Any Federal Government Agency