Bank of Tampa Internal Page - testimonials



“The need to partner up with [a bank that] is actually going to pay attention to who you are and what your needs are is going to make the difference between success and failure. The Bank of Tampa did that.”
–Vivian DeLuca, Owner, Impeccable Smiles

“I can just highly recommend The Bank of Tampa—for their professionalism, their products and their ease of use.”
–Eileen Rosenzweig, Owner, Sir Speedy Sarasota

“The Bank of Tampa is friendly and it is what it says it is—a community bank. You really feel like you’re a part of the bank.”
–Edward Kaloust, Founder and CEO, Medi-Weightloss®

“The Bank of Tampa thanks me for my business, but as a customer, it's unique that I can turn around and thank them for their service. The Bank of Tampa is truly Tampa's hometown bank.”
–Emma Hemness, Owner, Law Offices of Emma Hemness Elder Law

“What keeps us banking at the bank of Tampa is the team—the local team—and the boutique feel of a bank with the ability to bank an institution at a large scale.”
–Patricia Clynes, CFO, The James Museum