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Commercial Credit Card

A Visa® Commercial Credit Card at The Bank of Tampa ensures responsive, local service. Enjoy these great benefits:

  • Each client will earn a 0.75% cash back rebate once purchases exceed $20,000 during the rebate cycle (August 1 through September 31)1
  • No annual fee
  • Receive additional cards with individual spending limits for your employees as needed
  • Card number and expiration date appear on the back of the card, providing an added layer of security
  • Contactless payment technology, allowing you to pay with a tap of your card at enabled terminals—look for the contactless symbol at checkout
  • Account monitoring is available through

To apply for a Visa®  Commercial Credit Card, please contact your relationship manager or contact us at (813) 872-1200. 

1The $20,000 threshold is the combined purchases per client relationship (Company ID). The program applies to net purchases. A net purchase is the amount of a purchase less any credits, returns, and/or adjustments. Certain transactions do not qualify for cash back rebate. For example, cash advances, fees or charges, interest charges or unauthorized charges to your account. Upon meeting the purchase threshold the rebate is applied to all (net) purchases during the rebate cycle. The rebate will be posted to the cardholders account via a statement credit or check following the close of the rebate cycle (as applicable). If the relationship is closed (i.e., all cards are closed or cancelled) during the rebate cycle, any accrued but not yet credited rebate will be forfeited. Program is subject to change. 

All loans subject to The Bank of Tampa credit approval.

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