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Debit and Credit Card Services 

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  • Visa® Business Debit Card

  • Business Credit Card
    • Getting a Visa® Business Credit Card at The Bank of Tampa means you’re also getting responsive local service – we’ll respond to your individual needs the way good neighbors should and a stranger at the far end of an 800 number simply can’t.
    • You can receive free additional cards with individual spending limits for your employees.
    • Easy account monitoring is available through
    • Visa® Business Credit Cards are offered with Minaret Rewards.
  • Minaret Rewards
    • Minaret Rewards points program for Visa® Platinum Credit Cards can easily earn, combine, and enjoy your rewards.
    • Minaret Rewards features premier travel options from Orbitz, select merchandise items, and gift cards.
    • If you would like to redeem your rewards visit , or call the Minaret Rewards Call Center at 1-866-960-7978 where travel representatives with experience averaging 20 years of experience are available for booking needs.
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